Forever Living Marketing Plan:

Forever Living's Marketing Plan is successful  because it      is simple;     it's one of the easiest ways to get started in your own business. What's more, you'll start with proven, consumable products in an established, growing industry. Once you get started, FLP supplies the structure and support to help you grow your business to whatever size you want.

Our plan also keeps you secure in whatever level of success you achieve. So once you reach any position in the Marketing Plan, you'll stay there. You'll also enjoy the success of your team as the Marketing Plan doesn't allow any pass-ups.

Everything about the FLP business plan is designed to help you build a solid, stable business.
We have regular recognition and training meetings, and we minimize your paperwork and product inventory so you can spend more time where it really counts: with your customers and your distributors. With a better trained, highly motivated distributor team, your business grows steadily, earning you more income and getting you closer to your goals and dreams.

 Earn 5% - 18% bonus on your personal retail sales. After achieving the Assistant Supervisor level in the marketing plan, each month you receive a bonus based upon the retail value of all the product purchases you place in your own name.

Earn 43% retail profit on purchased products. For example, for every $100 you spend to purchase product at your wholesale price, you sell to your customers for $143; and thus earn 43% on your product cost.

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